Celebrating 29 years!                April 15-16, 2023                Presented by McIntosh Law Firm

The following Clans will be joining the Loch Norman Highland Games for 2023!  Clans accepted at the Loch Norman Highland Games are officially recognized Clans by the Court of the Lord Lyon.

Clan Henderson-Distinguished Clan 2023

Clan Anderson Society LTD.

Clan Armstrong Society

Clan Bell N A

Clan Blair

Clan Cameron

Clan Colquhoun

Clan Davidson Society NC

Clan Donald

Clan Donnachaidh of the Carolinas

Clan Douglas

Clan Elliot Society

Clan Forrester Society Inc

Clan Fraser

Clan Galbraith

Clan Graham Society

Clan Gregor Society Southeast US Chapter

Clan Gunn

Clan Innes Society

Clan Keith

Clan Lamont Society of North America

Clan Leslie Society Int’l

Clan MacBean

Clan MacCallum Malcolm Society

Clan MacDuff

Clan MacFarlane

Clan Mackay Society USA

Clan Mackenzie Society

Clan Mackintosh of North America

Clan MacLachlan

Clan MacLaren

Clan MacLean Association

Clan MacLellan

Clan MacLeod

Clan MacMillan

Clan MacNeil

Clan MacNicol

Clan Maxwell

Clan Moffat

Clan Morrison

Clan Munro USA

Clan Ramsay

Clan Ross

Clan Scott Society USA

Clan Skene Assn.,Inc

Clan Stewart Society in America

Clan Sutherland Society of North America

Clan Turnbull

Clan Wallace Society

Clanranald Trust

COSCA/ The Scottish Tartans Authority

House Of Burnett

House of Gordon USA

Kennedy Society of North America

Scottish District Families Association of VA

Society of William Wallace

St Andrew Society of Carolina