Longbow and Battle Axe Competitions

One of the first documented uses of the English Longbow was by King Edward I against William Wallace. At the battle of Falkirk in 1298, King Edward was unable to break up Wallace’s pike formations. After two failed charges of his heavy cavalry Edward recalled the men, massed his archers armed with the new Welsh-designed bows, and brought down Wallace’s wall of pikes. The English continued to use the Longbow for more than 200 years

Test your skill with the Longbow at this year’s games at 1:30 on Saturday; registration from 10am – 1pm.


All archers must be kilted.

Bows must be longbows, not short recurves. A slight bit of reflex is allowed on the ends of the bows. Bows must be constructed of wood or wood composite. An arrow shelf is allowed. No sights are allowed on the bow or string. Traditional bows only no wheelies.

Arrows must be made of wood and fletching made of real feathers. Plastic nocks are approved, field tips only on the arrows.

Archery Registration begins at 10 AM and ends at 1 PM

the Archery competition begins at 1:30 PM

Battle Axe Competition

Saturday 9am – 1pm = practice throws

1pm – 2pm = Children’s (7-13) competition

2pm-3pm = Women’s competition

3pm-4pm = Men’s competition

Sunday 10am – 11:30am = practice throws

1:30 = Children’s (7-13) competition

2:30 = The Battle Axe Challenge Match (entry fee for prize pot)