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The distinctly loud, bold and patriotic sight and sound of a Highland bagpipe band is a beautiful and fascinating event to behold. The piper’s shrill made its way to war frontlines, cultural festivals, modern concerts, and even the Queen’s summit. It can now be enjoyed in our very own local gathering of clans here in Charlotte.

There are many opportunities to experience the bagpipe bands throughout the weekend.


To experience a true piping education, plan on attending the Jimmy McIntosh Piobaireachd open challenge. This event is free to the public. The countries top professional pipers will compete indoors for prizes and will be judged by top adjudicators.

Free, 5pm, Davidson United Methodist Church


Arrive early Saturday to support your favorite solo piper or drummer as they compete against each other from 8am – 1pm. Be sure to ask questions at the Piping & Drumming Tent. The public is encouraged to watch and enjoy the interaction of the judge and contestant.

Enjoy the majestic sounds of the massed pipes and drums band for the opening ceremonies on main field at 12pm.

Pipe bands will compete against each other to take home a prize. This takes place from 1:30pm – 4pm. Bleachers will be set up for the public to use.

Closing ceremonies will host another massed bands, at 4:30pm.


On Sunday, enjoy a solo piper during the morning church service. Follow a few duty pipe bands as they march around the games to entertain along with another massed bands ceremony.

Band cash prizes

Open Solo Piping/Drumming cash prizes

Grade 1 Overall Winner: Awarded an invitation to compete in The Sun Belt Invitational Piping Competition —An Crios Gréine – Amateur Sandy Jones Memorial Contest in November in Orlando, Florida – This invitation is sponsored by Clan Sutherland – covers 2 night hotel and fees

Amateur 18 & Younger Piping Overall Winner Prize: MacLellan Bagpipes African Blackwood solo pipe chanter – $350 chanter made, donated, and presented at closing ceremonies by Roddy MacLellan of MacLellan Bagpipes in Zebulon, NC

Grade 4JR Piping Overall Winner Prize: engraved D Naill African Blackwood Practice Chanter sponsored by The St. Andrews Society of Carolina and presented at closing ceremonies

2023 Solo Results

2023 Band Results